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[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Vinny & Leanna” el_title=”High Street Purchaser” el_image=”4690″ el_icon_image=”4699″]

This was our first property purchase, we do know that the purchase wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Mick. We came to realize that Mick was the only reliable person that would respond to our emails promptly and do what he said he would do, he has a very “lets get things done” attitude which we really appreciated and was our only solace among everything. I only wish we could give our solicitors fees to him instead of them. Thanks for all of your hard work Mick, we literally couldn’t have done it without you!


Mick, it was a pleasure – thank you again.[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]

[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Luke & Sasha” el_title=”Keith Lucas Road, Farnborough” el_image=”4691″ el_icon_image=”4699″]

“Thanks to all the team, especailly Mark for looking after us from purchase to completion”.



[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”J. Bennett” el_title=”Vendor, Farnborough” el_image=”4720″ el_icon_image=”4699″] “Millbanks were fantastic in selling our home in Farmborough! We had several estate agents that valued our property but millbanks understood the area and value of our home. Millbanks then went on to Sell our property within 3 weeks for the price we wanted to achieve.Thanks again Millbanks and especially the after sales team that pushed the property through to completion (even though our solicitors were useless)”[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]
[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Mrs Fejcher” el_title=”Horn Road, Farnborough” el_image=”4694″ el_icon_image=”4699″]“Thanks for all your help Millbanks”.[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]
[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Mr Lath” el_title=”Vendor Brabon Road ” el_image=”4696″ el_icon_image=”4699″]“Straight-forward with total feedback on a daily/weekly basis, keeping me up-to-date on my property at all times”.[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]
[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Emma” el_title=”Vendor, Farnborough” el_image=”4724″ el_icon_image=”4699″]“I had a great experience from Marks’ valuation where he explained the whole process to Mike showing people around our house. The speed of sale was amazing and they both worked so hard to push the sale though. Thanks guys Em.

Comment on agent fees: They were great kept us informed though out, which was what we wanted, and they didn’t seem like the other agents we had out, they cared about what we wanted to achieve and were honest with us”[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]

[pm_ln_testimonial_profile el_name=”Mr Cole” el_title=”Vendor, Farnborough” el_image=”4695″ el_icon_image=”4699″]“Thanks for all your help Mike, a great service and a great team of people”.[/pm_ln_testimonial_profile]
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