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Millbanks land & new homes are a specialist network of experienced land and development professionals whose role is to help land owners realise the full potential of their valuable assets.

Whatever the size of your site, land & new homes has the local and national coverage needed to assist you to achieve maximum value.

From ‘one off’ individual plots for the self build market, to large multi-unit sites suitable for the national house builder or housing association, with or without planning permission, we cover all types of sites.

The land & new homes specialist team are supported by a network of estate agencies in some of the busiest High Street locations and we offer this all for a sole agency fee whilst providing one point of contact within our department.

The land & new homes team use this unique facility to gain local knowledge and establish regional trends to enable us to give you, the Land Owner, the most up-to-date and appropriate advice.

All parcels of land are offered ‘for sale’ in geographical regions through our stand alone land website and we can also expose the site by agreeing to an extensive marketing plan through our High Street office coverage and national and local press.

For a free, no obligation appraisal please contact our land and new homes department on: 01252 548799 or 01252 317508


Our dedicated New Homes team of experts provide a single point of contact.  We believe this to be critical for our developer clients. We truly understand the needs of developers in relation to detailed and regular communication and progress reporting. We have a robust and efficient reporting structure, so that you know exactly what we are doing for you and when.

We keep a close eye on what’s happening locally in order to keep you informed.

Bringing Buyers To You:  The weight of our sales offices is behind the marketing of all of our developments. Widely recognised as two of Surrey’s and Hampshire’s leading estate agents, Millbanks and Smartmove find buyers for our clients by marketing across our entire network.  New Developments have instant exposure to a database of buyers registered with us.  We are positioned in the busiest streets of the towns and villages where we operate and we hold a vast knowledge of Surrey and Hampshire.

Show Home Personnel:  We employ experienced Show Home Staff, expertly trained to communicate and negotiate with skill, precision and dedication.

They make our marketing initiatives come alive and convert them into sales.

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Our in-house marketing division helps create a strong profile and excellent exposure for the properties we market for you.  This powerful, targeted marketing ensures your properties are presented in the very best light, to a vast audience and attracts the right buyers.

We maintain a strong presence in main local property papers and magazines as well as excellent online exposure through all the major property portals as well as millbanks.co.uk and smartmoveproperty.com.

In-house we manage the design and production of printed leaflets, advertisements and window displays, as well as their electronic counterparts.  We also offer a brochure design service by separate negotiation for the creation of top quality brochures.

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We are constantly on the search for potential development opportunities, many of which come via our residential sales offices.  We will listen to your needs and make sure we bring relevant opportunities to your attention.  Industry contacts, examination of planning registers and pro-active canvassing of landowners, also produce a valuable source of development opportunities to offer you.

We are also able to assess and advise you on the development potential and value of land/buildings at a suitably early stage, sometimes even before a physical inspection.

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Early preparation and detailed research are key parts to the success of our Land & New Homes Service.  We draw on many years of experience in dealing with planning authorities and other legislative bodies which allows us to offer sound, relevant advice. We work closely with partner companies to ensure that each stage of the planning process is carefully managed.

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Our expertise is also offered to land owners who have assets on which there is possible planning opportunity. It is in this area that our sales offices come into their own with introductions. As a result, we are regularly asked to progress the planning applications or sale subject to planning campaigns for these owners.  This allows us to present many opportunities to our developer clients.

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Our services extend to providing detailed help on development potential, planning, land and property values to professional advisers such as architects, solicitors, accountants and other professionals who, from time to time, are engaged with clients who need such advice. Architects are often a first point of contact for clients thinking of building projects. Solicitors and accountants are regularly engaged in probate matters, divorce, family trusts, wills etc, which often encompass property or land assets. Our specialist expertise and knowledge often make it easier for such professionals.

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We work closely with many regular investors, who favour brand new homes as there is no work to be done to maintain them or bring them up to scratch for rental. We offer an end to end full lettings service for our investor clients and are able to give you a clear picture of what the rental yeild would be on your development.

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We have an envious client list which includes most of the area’s key developers who trust us and regularly involve us in the planning, marketing and selling of their developments.  However, we are never complacent and that is why it has to be excellent every time.

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